• Kitsap Sun: Bainbridge rowers challenge island’s proposed addition of liveaboard space
    Great article here from the Kitsap Sun’s Nathan Pilling about the proposed liveaboard spaces in Eagle Harbor and how the island’s rowing club will be impacted… Sue Entress, president of Bainbridge Island Rowing’s board, looks out at the Dave Ullin Open Water Marina in Eagle Harbor on a chilly ... read more
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    4 hours ago
  • Yelapa
    What is better than exploring a town that is only accessible by boat or horse? Doing it with our family. We thoroughly enjoyed this little town of incongruity. Yelapa encompassed the extremes of this country. It is a very old fishing village with cobblestone paths leading up and down the mountain with the typical ... read more
    Source: M/V ShiloPublished on 2019-02-19
    5 hours ago
  • The Button
    By Torsten Diesel Let’s say that you had a button. This button is green, and has the ability to light up.  You can have the button do ... read more
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    3 days ago
  • Looking Ahead to Casting Off
    If you’ve been following us for any amount of time, you know that we’re preparing to launch off from our home base in Portland Oregon come May. We’re a family of four: Brenden, Rachel, Evan, and Kali. Almost five years ago, we hatched a dream of changing our lives as ... read more
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  • A whirlwind month in Banderas Bay!
    Who's who? Brothers enjoying a leisurely spinnaker sail to Yelapa, Thanks for the great visit, Duncan!Loving La Cruz - Jullia's new hairstyleView of the La Cruz Anchorage. Can you see Slingshot?Colourful ... read more
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  • From de-icing to please send us some ice!
    Radio silence from the Bliss Crew since Tessa and I reunited with Tod almost 3.5 weeks ago. We left the frigid cold of Shaker Heights and had to watch our plane being de-iced before takeoff,  to the tropics of La Cruz in Banderas Bay where we could really use some ... read more
    Source: Life Aboard BlissPublished on 2019-02-13
    6 days ago
  • Crossing to Baja
    We finally crossed to Baja. We left at 2:00 am in the dark. It was 73 nautical miles. When we left there was dolphins waving us off. I don't really know what happened when we left, because I was sleeping,  just ask my parents. But I had to get up. ... read more
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  • Todos Santos
    27_12A street vendor.
    27_11read more
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  • TEAM Annual Conference 2019 *in pictures*
    We had such a great time meeting the fifty plus people at the Annual Conference for TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) and leading the youth. I wish I had taken more pictures and videos but these give you an idea of what a wonderful week we had in a beautiful ... read more
    Source: Wherever the Wind BlowsPublished on 2019-02-07By Dennis
    2 weeks ago
  • Return to the Wilderness – Just Kidding!
    We left La Paz on January 21 with plans to head north and meet up with another kid boat we had met earlier (they’re few and far between, so we tend to stick together or at least coordinate when possible). We knew there would be some strong north winds coming, ... read more
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  • Eat that elephant!
         This is such a weird post to write. Or maybe it isn't the post itself so much as the location. I'm typing this while currently sitting on the floor of our house. Yes, that's right. Here it is, January, just past our third anniversary of moving aboard Kyrie, ... read more
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  • מי פה מליונר ?!
    בדרך שלנו פגשנו הרבה אנשים נפלאים, משפחת דדון זו אחת מהם. בעצם... טכנית לא ממש נפגשנו...אבל יעל פנתה אלינו לפני הרבה זמן כשגם להם נכנס הג'וק וניסינו לענות על שאלות ולתרום ממה שאנחנו יודעים ומפה לשם שמרנו על קשר בהתכתבויות.בינתיים הם יצאו למסע משלהם וכרגע מפליגים באירופה. יעל הזו, חריפה וחדת ... read more
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  • Fall 2018 Update
    Transition ashore After returning to our land home in mid august we got busy with the chores of real life. I went back to work and therefore back to sea again. This time I was at sea without my family which is not nearly as fun. We soon felt that ... read more
    Source: Sailing Arctic LoonPublished on 2018-12-12By Chari & Ellery
    2 months ago
  • Landfall is For Sale!!!
              Landfall is for sale! It’s been a great run, but we’re focused on growing our business and getting degrees and as it turns out,... A Dwarf, a Gimp, a Dog and a Dick trying to sail around the world! ... read more
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  • The End of Chapter One
    I have been meaning to close out the first chapter of our trip.  I sit down and start to type.  And nothing comes.  There’s so much to tell.  But nothing comes to me.  We have tons of photos of the final leg of our trip so a LOT of them ... read more
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