• Monkeying around in Gibraltar
    The characteristic rock of Gibraltar slowly came into view on the fourth morning after leaving Cartagena. It had been a really nice trip, with many dolphins and even whales around the boat. Nobody was seasick, and we had plenty of time to play the guitarlele and read. But at night ... read more
    Source: ImmersedPublished on 2019-02-09By Vibe
    1 week ago
  • [Video] Sailing SV Blue Pearl EP09 Finally under way
    Now online! Watch episode 9 where we finish up our final prep on board and set sail to the beautiful Spanish city of Cartagena.   ... read more
    Source: SV Blue PearlPublished on 2019-02-02By Joline
    2 weeks ago
  • Llegamos Navegando a Dominica. Un país de Naturaleza Salvaje.
    El 10 de Enero de 2019 Llegamos a Dominica Navegando desde Martinica. Llegamos Navegando a DominicaDominica ha sido, hasta el momento, el país que más nos ha gustado en nuestra navegación por el caribe. Su naturaleza virgen y salvaje, su gente y la poca aglomeración de turistas es algo que ... read more
    Source: SaramiaPublished on 2019-01-25By Jorge Mora
    4 weeks ago
  • Sailing Across the Bay of Biscay – Falmouth to A Coruna
    After a week of sailing along the English south coast in pretty rubbish weather with the wind constantly in the wrong direction, we picked up Uncle Adam in Falmouth, filled the cupboards with baked beans and Angel Delight and we were off!  We slipped the lines at 6am as the ... read more
    Source: Growing a PairPublished on 2019-01-15By Floss
    1 month ago
  • Mindelo, Cape Verde
    We sailed from the Canaries to Cape Verde first, rather than directly to Barbados, to break up the Atlantic crossing into smaller chunks. It would have probably taken us 3 weeks to cross directly. With the Cape Verde stopover, we would shorten the longest passage to 2 weeks. Mindelo has ... read more
    Source: SpacegazerPublished on 2019-01-08By Bianca Kindler
    1 month ago
  • Seven years ago…
    Today seems like an appropriate day to write this post. On this day seven years ago, Carina became ours. We had spent the summer searching for a suitable boat and had given up hope of finding our new home that year. In mid-September, we moved from Cambridge to Devon and, ... read more
    Source: Carina of DevonPublished on 2018-11-02By carinaofdevon
    4 months ago