• Getting To The Exumas
    This time I (Kelly) have written the post and Eric has added his thoughts in italics. Leaving Rock Sound means leaving the protection of the banks. I love sailing on the banks because it gives me the minimal waves that I like and allows Eric to sail in the 20 ... read more
    Source: Hauquitz CrewPublished on 2019-02-05By hauquitzcrew
    2 weeks ago
  • Shakedown Time With Your Boat
    This month, MAHI is participating in a Cruising “Raft-Up,” or blog hop, hosted by  the CruisingMomBlog.com and Kid4sail.  A Raft-Up is where a variety of Cruising Blogs write about the same topic. This month’s topic is “The Shake Down After Transitioning Aboard.”   Many sail cruisers buy their boat with dreams ... read more
    Source: Sailing on MahiPublished on 2019-01-31By Carla Barrett
    3 weeks ago
  • New Year’s and Our Why
    New Year’s has always been a time to reflect on life. What resolutions do you want to set? Are there changes you want to make? Are you living the life you want to live? Do you have dreams? Are you following those dreams? Those are questions Paul and I started ... read more
    Source: Sailing Over the RainbowPublished on 2018-12-21By Alyssa Citarella
    2 months ago