• Finding humor in the ‘oops’ moments…
    I'm going to share a couple of stories from this week that hopefully will make you laugh (mostly at me).Text from me to my son Jack. Once you're done laughing at me, read on to see how I ended up in this mess....A couple of days ago I decided to ... read more
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    3 days ago
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  • Florida, finally!!!!
    We made it to Florida!!! And we have officially put away the winter clothes! We had a pretty hard past week if you ask me, so it’s well deserved. Since we left Charleston, it has been all about winter jackets, heathing the boat with the oven and sleeping with the ... read more
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  • Exumas Cay Land and Sea Park
    Warderick Wells Cay After a 6 hour trip from Nassau to Highborn Cay (which was beautiful) we sailed to the Exumas Cay Land and Sea Park. The park is about 176 square miles and consists of several islands.  The main office is in Warderick Wells and that is where we started. ... read more
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  • Finding balance (in Charleston, SC)
    We thought we’d stay a month, make it easy to head back to Maine for a week of work and visiting, but we like it here… so we may stay a little longer Being in Portland was bittersweet… wonderful to see the community we had found, and ... read more
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  • Chapter 27. The well deserved Holidays.

    – Sam, it’s gonna be Christmas sooooon! I said, giggling and chuclking happy like a kid… before Christmas. -Yeah… Whatever […] ... read more
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  • Goblin is for sale
    Goblin, our beloved 1983 Whitby 42 center cockpit ketch, is for sale. We have moved aboard Abeona and are finally ready to part with our beloved home of the past three and a half years. On deck she has a cockpit that is both spacious and well protected; we ... read more
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  • Our Salty Life ~ Year End Review 2018 As we complete the last few tasks on our list, and prepare to sail further south at the end of the week; I find myself slowing down from all the holiday “hustle and bustle”, and  looking back on this INCREDIBLE year in ... read more
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  • Sailing Wonderstruck is on YouTube
    Ben has set up a YouTube channel for Wonderstruck. Here’s a link to it and to the first video he made with his drone footage. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UClb4fYIK3hOfgxh7VqaAz9Q I believe you can also go to YouTube and type in Sailing Wonderstruck and find it that way ... read more
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  • La saison 2017 – 2018
    Article écrit par Monsieur C, corrigé par Madame KLa saison 2017/2018 a engendré un changement radical pout la famille qui est passée de la mer des Caraïbes, la chaleur, l’ambiance latine du Panama et de la Colombie au monde organisé, performant et au froid de la côte Est des Etats-Unis ... read more
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  • Unexpected Art
    Skye and I were walking down Rodeo Drive finishing our Christmas shopping (ok, we were window shopping, I’m not taking a toddler with candy cane hands into any store on that street). She was utterly unimpressed with the jewelry stores, the clothes, the watches, the handbags. Even some of the ... read more
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  • Sparkling Water on a Boat
    This post is in conjunction with a YouTube video tutorial. What you need and the directions are below. Please let me know if you have any questions!Sparkling water, fizzy water, bubbly water, charged water; whatever you call it, it's a necessary thing for us on our boat. For us, having ... read more
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  • Hilton Head, Broken Windows, Nordhavns, and Savannah, GA
    Hilton Head was an unplanned stop. Given how things went while here, it probably won’t be another stop again. Unless we are on a different dock or at a different marina. If you haven’t read how we ended up here you can catch up by reading that story here. It’s not ... read more
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  • Winter and Spring 2018
    The first part of 2018 brought much colder weather and a few surprises. By January 1st, our cockpit had been shrink wrapped to help insulate and protect against the winter weather. We had a zipper door installed on the starboard side for entry and exit. This had to be reinforced ... read more
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  • One in the Books
    We have completed our first month as cruisers.  Well…almost a month as we started cruising Sep 7 but we turned a page on the old hanging on the fridge calendar so I’m counting it!  It’s been a bit of blur.  People ask frequently, “how does it feel to be free?”  ... read more
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