• It’s the Shakedown
    The Shakedown is a not anyone’s favorite time of boat ownership, but it’s inevitable, like of the changing tides, you can always count on the shakedown. Whether you buy a new boat that gets delivered off a ship, or previously owned boat that was lovingly maintained, there is always a ... read more
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    1 day ago
  • Sí, Oui, Ja, Sim, Ewe, Da…YES!
    IMG_3513So happy!I am a glass-half-empty kind of gal.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to see the ... read more
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    1 day ago
  • Where is Lulu??? – Martinique
    Martinique is south of Dominica and north of St. LuciaMartinique is one of my favorite islands that we have visited on SandStar! It felt like I was living in France and I have always dreamed of living in France.  It has been French since it was colonized in 1636. This ... read more
    Source: The Saililing LlamaPublished on 2019-02-16By The Sandlins
    3 days ago
  • The Secret Benefits To Becoming A Liveaboard Sailing Cruiser
    You only have to submerge yourself into a bunch of YouTube sailing videos, read the book, Dove, or experience a week-long sailing charter to gain a glimpse into the benefits of becoming a liveaboard sailing cruiser. Most people would agree that sun-filled days, tropical white sandy beaches, daily adventures, new ... read more
    Source: Sailing BriticanPublished on 2019-02-16By Kim Brown
    3 days ago
  • Plavba po Atlantiku…a je to za nami!
    Po dlhšom čase som sa dostala k blogu. Ospravedlňujem sa za dlhú pauzu, ale momentálne nemám veľmi na písanie priestor. Chcelo by to vraj krátke ... read more
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  • 6861 Nautical Miles, 292 Days, and 14 Countries
    Our final sunset before Ohana‘s first entry into the U.S.And now we’re back on U.S. soil – the Florida coastline is just visible ... read more
    Source: Ohana Sailing AdventurePublished on 2019-02-12By ohanasailingadventure
    7 days ago
  • Ahh the Dreaded Toilet Job!
    Its been just over 3 years since Party of Five left the dock in Key West as a family of five. One of my biggest fears was the toilet situation on the boat. In the years of reading and researching prior I was very cognizant that the marine toilet ... read more
    Source: Party of FivePublished on 2019-02-12By travis
    1 week ago
  • Cloth Diapers On A Boat (and a review of 8 brands!)
    Just before Brig was born is when I first heard about modern cloth diapers in a post on BabyCenter. I had no idea cloth diapering ... read more
    Source: Where the Coconuts GrowPublished on 2019-02-02By Jody - Where The Coconuts Grow
    2 weeks ago
  • The Garden Route – Let the Wild Games Begin!!
    Dates: September 26th – October 4thLet the animal encounters begin!!!When I looked up the dates for the rest of our Garden Route adventure I was amazed that we saw so much in just a little over a week. This is the part of the trip that we left blank before ... read more
    Source: Sailing SandstarPublished on 2019-01-21By The Sandlins
    4 weeks ago
  • Year End Reflection: Almost 2 years of full time live aboards with kids
    1 year in the Caribbean and almost 2 since we set sail from Poland! (It took 15 minutes to be back in Germany but whatever!) And still my throwback shot from 2009 (2008 even?) in Greece on Betty made it in. You can take the motorcycle away from the ... read more
    Source: Books Boats & BabiesPublished on 2018-12-30By sherrie
    2 months ago
  • An unexpected visit to Aphrodite from the Secret-Santa Amazon fairy
    Amazon knows. Someone knows. But, we are in the dark. Some packages arrived in the mail today. Each package contained things we did not order. The contents of each box was eclectic. It was a bit like opening a window into a different world. The person who placed the order ... read more
    Source: Becoming a SailorPublished on 2018-12-06By Lorraine Escher
    2 months ago
  • A Truly Secret Spot in the Caribbean
    Hogsty Reef – A Dream RealizedSince the inception of our idea to sail in paradise, I’ve researched islands, passages, winds and tides. From behind a desk I’ve longed to see the southern Pacific and its many atolls, only to realize that they are out of our grasp for now. What’s ... read more
    Source: Sailing KarisPublished on 2018-11-25By The Summers
    3 months ago
  • cane kids / trinidad
    Barrackpore, TRINIDAD, West Indies (November 2017)Barrackpore, TRINIDAD, West Indies (November 2017)Barrackpore, TRINIDAD, West Indies (November 2017) ... read more
    Source: Anasazi RacingPublished on 2018-11-14By Anasazi Racing
    3 months ago
  • Financial Realities: Two Years In
    No money, mo’ problems! Okay, it’s not quite that simple. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Grenada for three months already, though ... read more
    Source: Sailing ClarityPublished on 2018-10-22By megankdowney1
    4 months ago
  • Position Report: October 22, 2018
    Position: 12º 0.018′ N 61º 45.732′ W Still in Prickley Bay, but we got our good spot back. All is well. ... read more
    Source: ForgeoverPublished on 2018-10-22By Tucker Bradford
    4 months ago