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Cruising Kid Gifts

Gift ideas for Cruising Kids

There’s plenty of opportunity for treating a cruising kid to a gift. It takes some thought and pre-planning, but it’s VERY possible. The main take-away here is to make sure to communicate with parents. Below are a few ideas that you might find helpful.

Baby Gear
Most baby gear that you’ll find on the boat is more about necessity than fun. There are some things that are handy, but it’s mainly based on parental need, so check with them.

1st Tier Gifts: BIG ones and definitely need parent communication
Kayaks (rigid or inflatable)
Paddleboards (rigid or inflatable)
Body Boards
SCUBA gear
Instruments (some are affected by salt water and humidity – careful!)

2nd Tier Gifts
QUALITY snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, fins)
Arts & Crafts
-markers, pencils, crayons, paints
coloring books
sketch books
Cameras & GoPros (waterproof!)
-the GoPro dome lense is a fantastic extra for underwater shots
Climbing harness/swing for swinging through the rigging
Drones (waterproof)
Inflatable toys to tow behind the dinghy
-Try to avoid large board games. The boards are very awkward to store. Games that can be stored in a ziploc baggie are best.
Monofin/mermaid tail
Small puzzles
Sand toys – only a few, not a bucket of them
Water guns
Wall decals/stickers – needs to be removable but these are great!
Books, or a paid subscription to books
Candies and chocolate

Useful Gifts
Personal waterproof VHF for when kids go ashore
Fishing setup – make sure to relate it to the cruising area
Resource books on fish or sealife or on area culture

SCUBA/PADI certification
Camps on land
Local classes
Online music class
Excursions – jet skiing, horseback riding, park tickets, city passes
**Ask parents about what’s available in the area. They can ask the locals or other cruisers.
**Remember we don’t have cars – so some taxi $$ would be nice 😉

Don’t forget about shipping details; cost and location are both logistics that need to be taken into account.


March 20, 2019

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