Lifeline netting is NOT a replacement for lifejackets! It's used to try and keep toys, tools, and people from going over.

Knotted Diamond
Most popular

Woven Diamond
Complaints of shifting knots and knots coming
undone on the ends leaves this option:


Seamar Sports Netting
Fisheries Supply
Local Sports Merchandise




RWB Lifeline Netting (Australia)
Local Sports/Marine Merchandise

Car Seats and Booster Seats
Although car seats are not required in many of the islands around the world, they can be handy in larger countries with car safety laws - or even as a safe place to buckle-in when all hands are needed on deck.


IMMI GO foldable car seat
IMMI GO (homepage)


hifold foldable car seat
mifold (homepage)

Trunki Boostapak tall booster seat
Trunki (homepage)
Trunki Boostapak


mifold foldable small booster seat
mifold (homepage)