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Gaining Knowledge for the Soon-To-Be Cruiser

So, you’re stuck on land for whatever reason. You’ve made a decision that you’re going to do this – you’re going to live on a boat and travel with your family. You’re reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube. You’ve sifted through Yachtworld and to see what’s out there. Perhaps you’ve looked into homeschooling.
Now, all that leaves you with this deep want to get out on the sea with your family. You’re ready to drop everything and just GO. But you’re a planner, you want to be thoughtful in your moves. So, what’s your next step? What can you possibly do stuck in a house without a boat in sight? Actually, there’s LOTS you can do! And in each one of these areas, I highly encourage you to have your kids be part of the process.


  • Finances
  • Jobs
  • Downsize and Reduce
  • Working Together as a Family
  • Getting Experience
    • Navigation
    • Diesel Engine Maintenance classes
    • Weather (heavy weather and reading weather)
    • Electrical Systems
    • Communication Systems
    • First Aid
    • Sailing classes (ex: ASA)


Annapolis School of Seamanship (diesel, electrical, navigation, safety, weather)

Mack Boring Yanmar (engine) Classes

Narragansett Sailing School (diesel, electrical, ASA cruising courses)

The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) (electrical systems, diesel engines)


Boat Owner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual, Nigel Calder
Marine Diesel Engines, Nigel Calder

Coastal and Offshore Weather: the Essential Handbook, Chris Parker
Storm Tactics Handbook, Lin and Larry Pardey


How to Read a Nautical Chart, Nigel Calder
Navigation Rules & Regulations Handbook (COLREGS), USCG
Chapman Piloting & Seamanship
American Practical Navigator, Nathanial Bowditch


World Cruising Routes, Jimmy Cornell
Voyaging with Kids

Do you recommend others? Add a comment below and I’ll add them to the list!

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