• Langkawi, Malaysia
    The name 'Langkawi' is derived from the Malay for 'eagle' and 'reddish brown'.Although we have been to Malaysia before, it was Borneo and not the area around mainland Malaysia. Kuah, on the island of Langkawi,  is not a big city by Malaysian standards but it has a McDonald's and a ... read more
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    2 days ago
  • Welcome to Singapore
    First of all, I’m very happy to report that Tyrii is recovering really well. He’s managing to eat solid foods again and can almost speak normally again too. The stitches (16 or so!) will take up to 3 months to dissolve. I don’t think he will be doing any front ... read more
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    4 days ago
  • Ten years on…
    Today it is ten years to the day since we bought Impetuous.We've been meaning to write something for months but this has been the kick we needed to just get something, anything out there.So ten years down the road and we find ourselves out of the water, on the hard, ... read more
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  • Glory days in Thailand
    Our daily routines are filled to overflowing with plenty of hard work, as well as oodles of fun, as we enjoy this beautiful country of Thailand. read more
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  • newatha hamuvemu
    Auf Wiedersehen – newatha hamuvemu – Sri Lanka. Weiter geht es Richtung West, Nord-West. Aber vorher musste Thomas noch die Wasserpumpe unseres Motors reparieren, die leckte nämlich seit der letzten Überfahrt. Da kommt es gelegen, dass John aus St. Petersburg eingeflogen kommt und wir bitten den britischen Händler das Ersatzteil dorthin ... read more
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  • Off the Beaten Path – Cruising Sumatra’s West Coast!
    After our time in Borneo, we needed to start considering our cruising plans.  Would we follow the standard cruiser track and head up the Malacca Strait to Singapore?  Or would we try another route and blaze our own trail around the southwest coast of Sumatra? The Malacca Strait is a ... read more
    Source: s/v Field TripPublished on 2019-01-08By Sarah
    1 month ago
  • Better late than never
    Wow what a long time since last update.   Who knew running a boat took so much. I sure hand it to the vloggers i cant hardley keep up with the log book.   Now in moyo island just east of Lombok. Covered some miles. Many stories to tell.   ... read more
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