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Erika Lelievre


Hi! I’m Erika Lelievre and my family and I have lived aboard our boats full-time for 9.5 years. We first sailed a Kalik 44 sloop, Ambition, to which we brought our newborn daughter home. We then spent another 5 years on a Kadey Krogen 42 trawler, Seascape. We had sold our house and all of our belongings to begin the lifestyle. We went cruising down the US east coast when Lucie was 18 months old, and started Kids4Sail shortly after to find her some playmates. We have since had to put our dreams and lifestyle on hold to become landlubbers once again to care for family (cancer and dementia) for a few years – family’s first. We will be going through the whole process of selling it all and jumping back into our previous life when the time allows.
In all of these experiences, we’ve gotten very proficient at selling everything, raising a family aboard several types of boats, cruising full-time, living in marinas, living during the winter on boats, and re-entering land-life (temporarily). My family loves to encourage and help other families find their dreams and make it happen. You can do it!