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Submitting Articles

We're so glad that you're thinking of writing a little something for the Kids4Sail Newsletter! If you have a great story to tell, a funny story to tell, an inspiring story to tell - we're all ears! If you'd like to submit recipes from your galley or a how-to on any part of the lifestyle - give it a go!
New to writing? That's no problem at all. We've edited pieces and translated pieces (give us some time) and can help you, too.

The focus of the newsletter is geared toward cruising families. Writings can include a whole range of topics:
    -cruising destinations
    -kid boat cruising experiences
    -kid boat gatherings
    -boatschooling/education related
    -environmental news, events
    -shore excursion ideas fit for families
    -galley-wise, kid-friendly recipes
    -kids' work that they're proud of
    -so many others I'm not thinking of
If you would like to pass ideas around, don't hesitate to send us an email at!

The suggested length for feature articles is 2,000 words or less. For the Meet & Greet section, keeping it around 500-1000 is great. A good article is often shorter; don’t pump up an interesting concise piece into a long boring one. Use previous issues as an example.
    -Accepted: text files (.txt), Open Office (.docx) or Microsoft Word (.doc), shared Google doc
    -Not accepted: PDF or .jpg
You can send photos any way you wish. Make sure they're good quality, sharp and original. If the photo is not yours, please state the source. They can be sent separately in several emails, Drop Box, or even through Messenger. The more the merrier! Please include a family group picture. Captions are great, too.

Also include:
-First and last name
-Boat name, make/model
-Current location
-links to blog, FB page (if public), Instagram, YouTube, etc.
-A small informational blurb about yourself and/or family for an introduction if applicable.
Text, photos and any attachments can be sent to Add name and topic as your subject line so we can keep all the parts together.

The submission deadline is the 1st of each month for the following month's issue, unless otherwise stated.
(e.g. submissions must be received by October 1st to be considered for publication in the November issue).
Please contact to arrange for exceptions.

We’ll do our best to include articles in the earliest possible issue. “Timeless” stories may be held for use on a space-available basis.

Accepted submissions may be edited for accuracy, length, and clarity.

It's just a small newsletter. Maybe one day, as a pipedream, far, far away, we can make this into a magazine; but for now we don't have a monetary contribution to offer. What we do offer is the ability to help inspire and support the kid boat community by sharing your writing and ideas. We thank you for that and please know you are very much appreciated!

No hardcopies are available. You can screenshot or save the PDFs for your files.

The kid boat community is a strong and growing one. It's extra special to have folks active and contributing to that community and we thank you, from the tip of our masts to the bottoms of our keels, for offering your insights and knowledge.

Erika Lelievre