• Raja Ampat: paying the price
      Birthday boy and his brother.I open the fridge and rummage through the vege boxes. Only two carrots and a quarter of a cabbage. And the eggplants. What can I possibly make? I leave the fridge and start searching through the behind-seat storage area. How many potatoes do we have? ... read more
    Source: Bob the CatPublished on 2019-02-19By Malene Felsing
    18 hours ago
  • Landlubbers again
    This is likely the last post for a month or few. Read Arlo and Caitlin’s thoughts on returning to California and check out all the pix (and a video!) that we finally have the internet to upload. From ARLO: Well, we’re back. Coming back to Alameda itself wasn’t such a ... read more
    Source: A Year and a DayPublished on 2019-02-13By Caitlin
    6 days ago
  • Nowhere like Niue?
    We had been motoring and hand-steering for over 24 hours when we first laid eyes on Niue – not that there was much to see in the rain.  Niue hides her beauty well.  One of the smallest countries and one of the largest raised coral atolls on earth – it ... read more
    Source: Salty MoretonsPublished on 2019-02-12By saltymoretons
    1 week ago
  • Going the wrong way!
    Almost everyone sails the same way around the world. Just keep heading towards the setting sun, avoid the rocks and really you can’t go far wrong. The reason for this is fairly simple. Next time you drain water out of the bath you’ll see the as it going down the ... read more
    Source: Sailing Itchy FootPublished on 2019-02-11By Itchyfoot
    1 week ago
  • Adventures With Albatross
    The best adventures always start way earlier in the morning then you want them too. Just ask Savai in her “Early Expedition” post from an adventure we had in Haida Gwaii. So we woke up at 6:00 am and piled into an old blue minivan with our dock neighbors ... read more
    Source: Dogbark!Published on 2019-01-30By Talia
    3 weeks ago
  • Tuvalu to Marshalls – Days 6-10 – Wet and Windy Across the ITCZ and into Majuro
    Working our way upwind.BoomHello!I am writing this last letter about our passage to Majuro from the comfort of a sturdy mooring, which is actually more challenging than you might think!  Our laptop spent most of the last four days of the passage in our oven, in the hope of protecting ... read more
    Source: SV FluentaPublished on 2019-01-22By The crew of SV Fluenta
    4 weeks ago
  • A New Years Eve to Remember!
    We had 3 goals when we reached Australia: 1. Spend New Years Eve anchored in Sydney harbor and get a front row seat to the greatest fireworks display in the known world. 2. Meet up and deliver the remaining 1/3 cremains of our beloved dog Satchel to his first family, ... read more
    Source: Beach FleasPublished on 2019-01-10By Captain Flea
    1 month ago
  • Raiatea – Society Islands – French Polynesia
      Just west of Huahine is Ra’iatea. After spending about a week here, we decided that Ra’iatea is one of our favorite places so far. There is just something about the feeling, the vibe of the island that is alluring. We arrived July 30th. While were there we got to ... read more
    Source: A Family AfloatPublished on 2019-01-04By A Family Afloat
    2 months ago
  • Whaakari
    Hi guys! Recently, we have just been to somewhere called Whaakari or White Island. Whaakari is actually a volcano! Most of it is submerged under water. We weren’t allowed to land, but we looked at it from the dingy. Whaakari is actually a pretty dangerous place! There are ruins on ... read more
    Source: SY Dog StarPublished on 2018-12-12By Iris Marshall
    2 months ago
  • Нашите приятели спасиха едно умиращо момиченце
    Днешната статия не е за нас. Днес искам да ви разкажа за нашите приятели – германското семейство, което срещнахме преди няколко години във Френска Полинезия на борда на катамаран „Инвиктус“. Станахме много добри приятели с Тоби и Никол и двете им малки момиченца Марлена (6г.) и Джулиана (5г.). Плавахме ... read more
    Source: The Life NomadikPublished on 2018-11-12By lifenomadik
    3 months ago
  • Nature is fantastic: sharks, whales, manta rays…
    Source: Sail For GoodPublished on 2018-10-10
    4 months ago