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What Age Is Best?

Babies? Toddlers? Middle-agers? Teenagers?

The picture above is from George Town, Bahamas, 2019. Not everywhere you go is going to be like this, but it’s so fun when it is!!

There are pluses and minuses to all age levels. Teen parents look at infant parents and wonder how on Earth they are coping. Infant parents look at teen parents and wonder the same.
Once you get out there, you’ll find that there are many more younger kids than teens. Why is that? I don’t have personal experience with teens and so I’ve sifted through many sources (online and offline) and put all of them together for you.

Baby and Toddler stages are magical on all levels but it’s hard on the parents no matter a house or boat. There’s little sleep (great practice for watches), running around after the little tykes, tripping over everything, exploring what is obvious. There’s so much growth, though. At this stage the kid really has the opportunity to become a true boat kid, having known no different. Weather, water, and boats are just who they are.

The Middle-agers are the easy stage, yes. They slightly more independent, they still like their parents, they’re up for lots of adventure with their eyes wide open. They need the open space and opportunities to play and learn and grow. But is it the best time to start?

Teenagers value independence. They are socially and emotionally intense. They’re becoming adults. They need opportunities to find out who they are, what they value, how the world works around them. They are people with opinions that matter. It can be hard talking them into the boat life (imagine that?!?), especially coming from land-life. They don’t know any different.

Take a listen!


Sailing Totem (Behan and Jamie Gifford): Raised and are raising 3 (now 2) teens aboard. They have been traveling around the world for 10 years. She recently wrote an article about cruising with teens in Cruising World. Keep an eye out for that!

A Life Afloat (Josie and Christian Lauducci): They have three kids aboard, with one daughter being 16. They have been traveling since 2015 and wrote a blog post specifically addressing teens.

MV Noeta is currently carrying 2 teens with them.

Sailing Zatara has their famous vlog on YouTube. They are sailing with 4 kids, 2-3 are teens at this point.

These are just a few, there are many others!!

April 5, 2019